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Dr Pepper.




We were approached to help support the distribution of Dr Pepper's new Zero drink. 


With 100,000 x 330ml cans to distribute, we were tasked with finding a solution that ensured students had the opportunity to taste the new look Dr Pepper whilst creating noise on social media using their exclusive Dr Pepper filter. 




Strategic planning - Due to the timing of the launch, we tapped into two channels that would help deliver the brief. Firstly we spoke to 100's of student halls UK wide and aligned these locations with re-freshers events to ensure we had saturation in the city, making a greater impact. 

Media bookings - We spent weeks planning and booking selected media opportunities across student unions' and halls of residence to ensure that our plan could be achieved on time and to brief.

Activation - We ensured that the overall volume was split equally between student halls and re-freshers events to give an even spread across the channels. Students returned from their Christmas break to be greeted with a free full size can of Dr Pepper - what a treat! 

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